Stardek improves the overall performance of concrete. Millions of square feet installed nationwide for residential, commercial, marine and industrial applications.
Un-modified Cement
Stardek Cement
Shear Bond Strength
Strength of bond between two surfaces
80 PSI
250 PSI
Tensile Strength
The ability to resist pulling apart
210 PSI
925 PSI
Comprehensive Strength
How much can be applied before pulling apart
2265 PSI
4365 PSI
Flexural Strength
The ability to withstand pressure between points of contact
750 PSI
925 PSI
Impact Strength
How much force is required to break the surface
5 in. Lbs
37 in. Lbs.
Abrasion Resistance
Percentage of weight loss under abrasive wheels


Chemical Resistance Guide
Alkalis: Excellent
Rust: Inhibits rust bleed-through form substrate
Salts: Excellent
Oil: Excellent
Water: Excellent
Grease: Excellent