Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this product hold up in cold climates?

Experience shows that STARDEK Coatings have performed well in northern climates. Unlike other products such as stains or paints, STARDEK seals the concrete preventing moisture from penetrating the surface, freezing, and causing the concrete to pop off.

2. How is it applied?

STARDEK products are easily toweled, sprayed, or applied with a roller. Patterns are created with the use of stencils. These stencils are available in rolls and cover approximately1000 sq. ft. We instruct you on the use of stencils during our three day training program.

3. How long has this product been in use?

STARDEK products, manufactured by Color-Crown Corporation, a leader in concrete texturing since 1972. STARDEK's unique coatings have been the standard in the industry for over 35 years. STARDEK was developed by Color-Crown Corporation.

The business began in March, 1971 by Robert Cole, who spent the following year experimenting with materials and techniques for applying permanent color coatings to concrete decks. Then, in April, 1972 he invented the pattern roller, creating new designs which marked the beginning of the decorative concrete industry. During the first few years, application techniques were perfected, and special materials were tested and improved. Most of the basic methods now in use by the industry were developed during this period.

By the end of the decade, numerous trained employees were working in the field, and by the Mid-eighties the Company had established a network of independent Color-Crown dealerships throughout central Florida.

With this expansion came a greater interest in decorative deck coatings, as visitors from around the world admired this exciting new home improvement. It also brought competition, often with inferior materials and poor training, with many inexperienced operators going into business, then out of business, in rapid succession.

Today, Decorative Concrete is an important industry, and Color-Crown has STARDEK Installations in virtually every state, as well as in several locations overseas.